Inducted 1958

Back in the days when Milwaukee was one of the nation's bowling hotbeds, Enrico "Hank" Marino often ignited the coals. Marino competed for more than 50 years and was one of the top bowlers in the world when he played for the Heil Products team in the 1930s.
Marino was national singles champ from 1934 to 1938, stepping down only because of illness. In 1936, he won the all events title in the International Bowling Tournament in Berlin, Germany.
Originally from Chicago, Marine first established himself as a top bowler while competing in that city. He moved to Milwaukee in 1930 to operate an alley and blossomed further while on the Heil team. He had 11 perfect games, including two in one series (300-232-300).
Marino was named "bowler of the half century" by the American Bowling Congress in 1951 and was inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame.