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Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron honored in art exhibit at Louisville Slugger Museum

LOUISVILLE, (WDRB) -- There's no denying the fact that Muhammad Ali and Hank Aaron are a dynamic duo that changed their respective sports.

Although towering giants in vastly different fields -- boxing and baseball -- Ali and Aaron both also played a pivotal role in the fight for civil rights. Now they are being celebrated together at the Louisville Slugger Museum. On Tuesday an original art installation called "Ali and Aaron: United in the Fight" was unveiled.

The interactive piece is 10-feet tall and 30-feet wide.

"What they did -- you can really tell they are phenomena in sports -- but it's what they did outside the ring that counts then and still counts," said artist Victor Sweatt.

Other figures included in the exhibit are victims of the 1963 Alabama church bombing, Louisville activist Anne Braden and U.S. Representative John Lewis.

Courtesy of WDRB News.