Inducted 1960

Few, if any, of the members of the Town Tennis Club in Milwaukee during the 1920s realized that the shy, spindly-legged kid who shagged balls would become one of the world's top tennis players. But, Frankie Parker did just that.
For 17 straight years, from 1933-49, Parker was ranked among the Top 10 tennis players in the world. He was rated first in 1944-45. Parker teamed with Jack Kramer in 1943 to win the national doubles title, won the French Open twice and the U.S. clay court title five times. He led five U.S. Davis Cup teams. The only major tournament title to evade Parker was Wimbledon.
Parker turned pro in 1949 and played in pro tennis tourneys until the 1960s. He is a member of the National Law Tennis Hall of Game.