Greatness is rare. It seems almost other-worldly. If we are lucky enough to see it, we know immediately we are witnessing something special. It wins championships. It sets records. And then breaks the ones it set. 

The Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame is filled with 138 individuals who epitomize greatness. Some are household names, like Hank Aaron, Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi and Oscar Robertson. And they represent a wide range of sports - from baseball, football and basketball to auto racing, water skiing, bowling, cycling and speed skating. And they are all here to be honored by each of us for their extraordinary achievements in sport.

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Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame's Distinguished Inductees

Wisconsin Athletic Walk of Fame

For a closer look at some of these members, visit their bronze commemorative plaques at the Wisconsin Athletic Walk of Fame outside UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in downtown Milwaukee.