Inducted 1967

Julius Singer was born in Russia in 1903, but it was as Milwaukee's Joey Sangor that he earned the reputation as one of boxing's toughest featherweights and lightweights. Sangor never won a title in either division, but he was a contender in both. The 120-pound battler fought during the era of Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney.
Sangor's bouts with Bud Taylor, another great of the era, are legendary. He beat Taylor in three of four bouts. Many call a 1926 match between the two men Milwaukee's greatest fight.
The exact record for Sangor is unknown. Ring Magazine records show 75 fights, but Sangor himself said he fought "nearer 100." Sangor left boxing to become a pharmacist, but remained active in the sport as an official with the World Boxing Association.