Nomination Process

Any athlete, coach, broadcaster, sports executive, athletic contributor or administrator, living or deceased, who has achieved athletic excellence or who has made significant contributions to advance or support athletics in Wisconsin is eligible for induction into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominees will be selected based on who has made a positive, lasting impact on Wisconsin athletics. Nominations are open to the public and can be submitted online through the submission form below.  The Advisory Board and Induction Selection Committee shall meet to determine who is inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame.  Nominees will remain eligible for 10 years from their initial nomination.   Nominees not inducted during a 10 year review may be re-nominated for future consideration.  Nominations for the 2017 Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony must be received by 11:59pm, Central Standard Time, September 15, 2016 to be eligible for consideration (due to the large number of nominations submitted, the deadline has been moved up from September 30 to allow the Hall of Fame sufficient time to carefully review each nomination).

Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Submission Form

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