Inducted 1951

Jesse Owens became a legend for striking a blow for freedom in the 1936 Olympics, hosted by Adolph Hitler in Germany, but fewer people know the fleet athlete finishing second to Owens in the news reels. It was Ralph Metcalfe, a Marquette track star. Metcalfe was the National Intercollegiate champion and record holder in the 100 and 220-yard dashes from 1932-34.
Metcalfe won a silver medal in the 100 and bronze in the 220 in the 1932 Olympics, but it was in the 1936 Games that he teamed with Owens and other African American athletes to stick it to Hitler. Metcalfe finished second to Owens in the famous 100-yard dash and teamed with Owens and two other Americans to set a record in the 400-relay gold medal race.
After retiring as an athlete, Metcalfe coached track and became a Congressman from Chicago.