Inducted 1999

Ray Berres was once called "the greatest pitching coach in the history of baseball." Berres first started to learn his craft while playing sandlot ball in his hometown of Kenosha. Berres went on to play 11 seasons in the major leagues for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Braves and New York Giants. Berres averaged only .216, but became known as one of the top defensive catchers in the game and one of the best handlers of pitchers.
Berres started his coaching career in 1948 with the Milwaukee Brewers of the American Association and went on to a 20-year career with the Chicago White Sox, developing pitchers like Bob Shaw, Gary Peters, Early Wynn and others. Tommy John often gave Berres credit for reviving his career. After his retirement, Berres was called upon by teams as a pitching consultant.